Drug and alcohol addiction is a complicated and difficult affliction to overcome, and it is unfortunately incredibly common of an issue in the state of New Mexico. Deaths linked to drug and alcohol abuse in the state of New Mexico account for eight out of the ten leading causes of early and preventable death, and New Mexico has the second-highest drug overdose mortality rate in the entire country.

New Mexico Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers


New Mexico is experiencing its highest alcohol-related death rate since the late 1990s, with a national mortality rate that is almost double the national average. Of the biggest drug-related concerns throughout the state, the largest problem is prescription opioid addiction, which can affect absolutely anyone, at any time of life. Seeking support for overcoming drug or alcohol addiction is the first step towards recovery. Treatment programs are available throughout the state, and provide ongoing assistance and support for a healthy recovery.

Best New Mexico Drug Rehab Centers


New Mexico has a wide selection of addiction treatment facilities, each using highly specialized and proven methods to address the underlying causes of drug and alcohol addiction. There are several drug rehab centers throughout the New Mexico region that also utilize holistic methods, including acupuncture and mindfulness meditation to support with stress management during this period, and to help identify and target the underlying concerns that may have contributed to drug or alcohol dependence in the first place.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in New Mexico offer programs that feature the following treatment models:
Comprehensive treatment programs that utilizes a combination of western medical and holistic practices, including encouragement of the arts, meditation, and even holistic gardening. The creative additions to the traditional therapy program allow for a more guided transition to a healthier way of living post-addiction.

Residential centers that are comforting and home-like, providing a strong and homely environment for the recovery process. Medical detoxification is available, and ongoing treatments include group therapy, mindfulness training, massage therapy, and relapse prevention.

Programs that focus on the basic elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy, including the teaching of relapse-prevention skills, life skills, and healthy behaviors, which includes stress management and mental health support.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in New Mexico


Medical detoxification is an incredibly dangerous process, and is one of the most complicated and stressful aspects of addiction recovery. Addictive substances create a lasting hold on the body, and in many situations the attempt to take a cold-turkey approach to quitting the addictive substance will lead to intense withdrawal. In some situations, the experience of drug-related withdrawal can actually be deadly. Medical detoxification is the process of detoxifying the body of harmful substances in a medical environment, where physicians and addiction specialists can closely watch and care for the individual during the recovery process. Managing the withdrawal experiencing under the guidance of a medical facility reduces the risk of death or serious injury during recovery.

Residential and Inpatient Rehabs in New Mexico


The most effective form of drug and alcohol addiction treatment is the program that is going to work best for the individual in need. In some situations, this means being able to continue going to work and being able to care for a family while simultaneously seeking treatment for addiction. In other situations, this means being completely and entirely removed from the individual’s environment, thereby reducing stressors and the risk of relapse. Inpatient recovery programs are for the latter—they provide residential treatment for individuals who would be best treated by taking a break from their regular lives and living in a treatment facility while they overcome addiction. Outpatient programs are for those who would be better off remaining at home, but who can remain vigilant and true to a treatment and recovery program while remaining exposed to environmental factors.

New Mexico Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)


Partial hospital programs (PHP), often called intensive outpatient programs are a mix of these two models, providing the level of intensive care that an inpatient program would provide, but without requiring the individual to move into the facility. Each of these programs has their own benefits, and the most successful program is the one that the individual facing drug or alcohol addiction is willing to participate in.

Choosing a Drug Rehab Program in New Mexico


There are many factors worth taking into consideration when choosing a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program. Location and convenience is a huge factor that ought to be considered, especially in outpatient and partial hospitalization programs, as these programs rely heavily on the willingness and commitment level of the individual to continue coming to therapy. Religious preferences and cultural considerations ought to also be taken into consideration.

Credible addiction recovery facilities will include programs such as:

  • The 12 step program
  • Holistic treatment
  • Medical detoxification
  • Alternative therapies
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other mental health counseling
  • Religious and non-religious therapy


Ultimately, the best treatment program is going to be the program that makes the individual working to overcome addiction most comfortable. Removing as much stress from the recovery process as possible is necessary for ideal rehabilitation. The drug epidemic in New Mexico is a striking problem that is affecting millions of family. Seeking treatment is the best step that anyone can take towards recovery.

Addiction Recovery Meetings in New Mexico


State assigned recovery meetings are frequently available at community centers and hospitals throughout New Mexico. In addition, many recovery centers offer these recovery meetings as an ongoing opportunity for recovery support following the completion of a rehabilitation program. While many recovery meetings follow the 12-step program, there are also non-religious options with similar principles.

Find Addiction Treatment in New Mexico


The morbid consequences of drug and alcohol abuse in New Mexico only grow more daunting as time goes by and as individuals age, and the problem is now so deeply rooted that it is estimated to cost more than $2 billion dollars to address the concern. However, there are treatment programs available throughout the state. Treatment programs for drug and alcohol abuse in New Mexico are affordable, effective, and entirely private, making it possible for anyone to get the help they need to begin living a healthier and happier life.