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Since 2013, the overdose-related death toll in Arizona has risen a staggering 73%, largely driven by the “Opioid Crisis” facing the nation. The greatest increase has been seen in fentanyl, an opioid that experts say is 100X stronger than heroin, but alcohol, cocaine, and meth can have equally dangerous outcomes.

Arizona ranks #4 among the other states in alcohol-poisoning deaths. The presence of drugs and alcohol abuse in Arizona communities is sadly a norm, leading many to seek rehabs in Arizona that can help them overcome their addiction and enter life in recovery.

Best Arizona Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers


While Arizona ranks high for drug and alcohol abuse, you’ll also find some outstanding drug rehab centers in Arizona. The state’s natural beauty makes it a drug and alcohol rehab destination for many out of state. Typically, when one enters a rehab program, they’ll begin a journey that carries them through steps in recovery. While everyone’s journey is personal and different, those steps typically include:

  • Detox
  • Inpatient or Residential Treatment, and sometimes both
  • Outpatient Treatment, which has two primary levels
  • Aftercare and Relapse Prevention


In addition to level of care, a person suffering from addiction will work with a professional to determine what types of care they need in these settings. These include things like:

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) – In a MAT program, you receive a substitute drug that causes less harm, is less addictive and keeps craving for the drug of choice at bay. While in a MAT program, you also receive regular counseling in either inpatient, residential or outpatient, and over a matter of months, your doctors slowly lower your dose. This reduces your dependence on that drug until you can be completely taken off of it.

Behavioral Therapies – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most common behavioral therapy used in rehabs in Arizona. CBT involves identifying negative thought patterns that are contributing to the severity of the addiction and replacing them with more constructive thinking that promotes health, recovery and happiness.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders (Dual Diagnosis) – A person with an addiction and a mental health disorder is said to be “dual diagnosis”. For a person to overcome addiction, the addiction and the disorder must be treated at the same time.


Some drug rehab centers in Arizona specialize in one or more of the above, as well as many other options that may benefit you. It’s important to consider them when looking for the best rehabs in Arizona.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in Arizona


Detoxification is the critical first step of recovery, and it can be very dangerous because your body becomes dependant on alcohol or drugs for survival. This leads to terrible withdrawal symptoms and can even cause death.
Because of this, medical detoxification is highly recommended. The benefits of medical detox in Arizona include:

  • Being in a facility with no access to dangerous drugs or alcohol
  • The care of compassionate and skills doctors and nurses
  • Medications to ease symptoms
  • Medical personnel standing by in case of a medical emergency


Arizona Residential/ Inpatient Rehab Treatment


Both inpatient and residential alcohol and drug rehabs will help you begin recovering from addiction, but there are some key differences.

Location – Residential rehabs take place in a home-like setting with many people with similar addictions while inpatient is at a hospital.

Time Frame – Residential treatment tends to be longer, 30 days or more. Some residential programs last as long as a year to meet individual needs.

Focus – Because inpatient is usually shorter, it focuses more on understanding the addiction and developing a strategy for what comes next, which may be residential or some form of outpatient. Because residential is longer, you can simply do more work on the addiction during the stay, which often involves classes, group counseling and activities that help you explore who you are and what you have to live for in recovery.


Arizona is also home to several “spa-like” residential treatment centers that incorporate massage, acupuncture, sweat lodge and other spa-type elements into the healing process.

Arizona Outpatient Treatment


Outpatient rehabs in Arizona allow a person to continue regular visits with their therapist while transitioning back home. Typically, you’ll attend weekly counseling and possibly classes like:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Knowing your triggers
  • Anger management


Some people need a more intensive outpatient, so for these individuals PHP is available.

Arizona Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)


For those who aren’t ready to be at home or in their community full-time, a PHP offers a full day of therapy, classes and healing activities. Then the person goes home at night and on the weekends. This allows the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned while still getting maximum support from professionals.

Choosing a Drug Rehab Program in Arizona


Choosing the best drug rehab centers in Arizona is about choosing the best one to meet a person’s individual needs. While these needs may be diverse, there are six that one should always consider as well as discuss with loved ones and professionals to enter the best program.

Payment – How will you pay for the program? Will your insurance cover a large portion? Do you have loved ones who can help you make up the difference? Does the facility offer a payment plan?

Accreditation – Is the facility authorized by the state of Arizona to offer rehab services? Do they have any additional certificates from organizations? CARF and Joint Commission are the big ones in addiction treatment.
Location – Will you need to travel or get accommodations for yourself or loved ones after your inpatient or residential stay? Do you have reliable transportation?

Length of Stay – Have you already been through a shorter program, or do you have a particularly complex addiction? You may benefit from a longer program.

Aftercare – Some drug rehab centers in Arizona offer ongoing care to prevent relapse. This provides consistency and increases your chances of staying in recovery.

Evidence-based – Is the core of the program proven to help people overcome addiction?


Arizona Substance Abuse Statistics


18% of Arizonans had their first alcoholic drink before the age of 13, and 33% of Arizona high schoolers have had alcohol within the past month. Both of these rates are higher than the national average. This early access suggests that many live in a culture where alcohol over-consumption is prevalent, and accepted and this may explain at least partially why many of these same children grow up to become addicted to alcohol or other substances. Drug rehab centers in Arizona offer adolescents and adults alike an opportunity to turn this trend around for themselves.

Addiction Recovery Meetings in Arizona


After treatment, a person in recovery must have the ongoing support of loved ones and their community. Recovery groups offer this support in Arizona. They are usually free and run by people who are also in recovery who understand what you’re going through. They can help individuals prevent relapse.

Find Addiction Treatment in Arizona


The recovery journey is complex and demanding, but there are rehabs in Arizona prepared to help you enter a life of lasting recovery. It’s important that you work with a professional and your loved ones to consider what level of treatment you need, and realize that you probably need multiple levels as they work together to prevent relapse.
You should additionally consider the types of treatment that would best help you. Medication-assisted treatment and dual diagnosis are just two of the options. Ultimately, the best rehabs in Arizona are the ones that work for you.