A Vision Focused on True Quality

Drug Rehab Connections was founded by a group of individuals who know both sides of addiction. We know it from our personal lives as well as engaging and working with rehab and treatment centers.

We are not a Treatment Center

We are a starting point to finding individuals and families help that are battling addiction. We are not afraid to call addiction what it is, a disease. We believe that we can’t help those who need help unless we are ready to call addiction what it truly is.

Finding Hope and Help When There Seems Like None Exists

Having been involved on both sides of the “addiction industry” we have vantage points from both sides. That’s why we decided to create this website. Our experiences and background were instrumental in our creation as well as our core principles.

Drug Rehab Connections Core Principles

Information. Reality. Action.


Before someone can make a rational decision, they must have the facts. We aim to serve our audience in a manner that puts them first. We want to answer your questions so that you are able to make decisions that can ultimately save your life or someone you care about.


Sometimes we don’t realize we have a problem until we’ve hit rock bottom. That can be said about a lot of things in life and it absolutely reins true with addiction. Understanding and accepting the reality that you are suffering from an addiction is not easy, and we are here to help you understand what’s wrong and move forward.


Once you have all the facts and you’ve come to terms with the issues you are struggling with, you can take action. There are others out there in this world who have struggled with addiction, sought out treatment and are now in recovery.

It’s our firm belief that everyone is capable of change for the better. We want to be a part of that change with you.

Let’s Get Started, Together.